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How you can get involved

  • VOLUNTEER: An event as epic as this requires advance planning and lots of volunteers to manage what could be more than 100,000 visitors. Share your expertise, time and talent as a volunteer.  Along with bragging rights and a cool shirt, you’ll get accolades and lots of appreciation!

  • EVENT PLANNING: Your organization, charity, church or business are encouraged to host a solar eclipse event.  If the event is open to the public, you may list it on our Event calendar.  (add link to event calendar) Use the official logo to promote the event on banners, posters or your own t-shirt design.  Contact Greenworx Printers (903-872-5922) or CTWP Copy Center (903-772-6657) to plan your 2024 Total Solar Eclipse materials.

  • SPONSORSHIPS: Add your name to our main events as a sponsor. 

  • PARTNER WITH US: Join our community in celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime event. Here's your chance to be a star in our community by offering eclipse-themed products, special items, delectable foods, mesmerizing merchandise, and more! Participating businesses and organizations will be featured on our website and in upcoming promotions, ensuring that you're in the spotlight during this cosmic spectacle.

Let's work together to make Corsicana the ultimate eclipse destination!

Please submit the form below.

Thank you in advance for your involvement in the Total Solar Eclipse.


Representatives from around the community

Corsicana’s Solar Eclipse Committee is comprised of representatives from government, education, small and large businesses, people in the art community, health care, entertainment, astronomy, public relations and religion, formed to provide Corsicana with a comprehensive plan to manage audiences with phenomenon, like the total solar eclipse, that will attract tourists between April 6-9, 2024.

The Committee will provide venues of all sizes with the opportunity to promote their location as a viewing site for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.


Amy Tidwell, Chair, Tourism

Dani Boulware, Web & Social

John Boswell, Business & Industry

Kyle Hobratschk, Art & Culture

Raymond Linex, Education

Sharla Allen, Parks  

Hayden Crawford, Retail

Patti Taylor, Realtor 

Stacie Sipes, Marketing & Higher Education  

Dr. Diane Frost, Education

Dr. Marianne Wilson, Library & Resources 

Mike Fletcher, Mayor

Susan Hale, Councilwoman

Leigh Ferguson, Republic Services 

Anthony Macias, Republic Services

Kristen Smith, Church

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